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15 US History Research Paper Topics for College Students



 A Life of Adventure


 Forced to Eat Their Pet


 Penniless and Peltless


 Rancho Sotoyome


 Fraternity of Former Trappers


 Teenage Bride


 A Home of Their Own


 Second Honeymoon


 Bear Flaggers and Indian Raiders


 Alexander Adobe: Pigs for Lumber


 Tales of Instant Fortune


 Grizzlies Roamed the Valleys


 Alexander the Moneylender


 Flour Mills and Fandangos


 Misfortune Stalks Him


 He Had Been There

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The US has an interesting history, full of important moments and full of interesting battles and discoveries. Here is a list of interesting historical moments that could be written on a research paper. Use them as your research paper helper.

1. How was the US discovered? There are rumors saying that Christopher Columbus wasn't the first man to discover America. Some people are considering that the American continent was discovered in fact by the Vikings, who sailed in order to make a trade.

2. What peoples were there before the arrival of French and British colonizers. It is said that numerous cultures were formed in that territory and many disappeared before 1500. One of the most well-known tribes were the red-skin Indians. Where are they coming from?

3. Boston Tea Party what happened there? How this was a sign of independence and why did the event affect the British so much? What this event led to and what happened afterward? It is a well-known independence sign from the American people who were revolted about the "Tea Law". This event led to the War for Independence.

4. Why were slaves used in America and how this was forbidden? What led to this decision? This started as an argument between the South States and the North States, and this argument led to the Civil War. The Seven Southern States were defeated and this event led to the abolition of slavery.

5. The Expansion of America. What happened? They have expanded by conquering Louisiana from French, Alaska from Russians, Florida from Spanish and Texas from Mexico. What important battles were fought in these events?

6. The wars with Native Americans. These wars were 40 at number, and cost the lives of many men. The Americans promised the Native Americans that on their lands will establish white Americans with only their agreement. This promise wasn't respected and they were killed with brutality. What happened afterward? Why didn't George Washington kept his promise?

7. Who was the first American president to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace and in what circumstances? This president was Theodore Roosevelt who calmed the Russian-Japan war. What action did he take? What has he done?

8. First World War. Why America engaged in this war when by the laws she promised that she won't interfere with the European situation? What led to this decision and what happened during this period? During this period they saw massive economic growth due to industrial development.

9. Great Depression. This is one of the worst periods in America History. What led to this period? What happened? After the First World War, the economy of America turned down, inflation is so big that many people suicide because they lost everything during a night. What happened? What important people took their life?

10. Who ended the Great Depression? Many think that Franklin D. Roosevelt found a solution to this problem by signing New Deal into law, creating 15 new agencies, who were special to create jobs and unemployment insurance. Others believe that World War II was the reason why the Great Depression ended. What is in fact the true reason?

11. World War II. Why America entered World War II with the Allies? They entered the war because Japan attacked the Pacific, unexpected, without any announcement. What happened in the Pacific War? How did the Americans win against Japanese airplanes and strategic boats?

12. Normandy Landing (D-day). What led to this event and what happened? France was under German occupation, and Allies wanted to free it. They launched a massive naval attack, the biggest in history, and with this operation, the end of the Third Reich begun. What was America's role in this?

13. Tidal Wave Operation, one of the worst Operations in American Avian Forces ever. This operation was launched in World War II in order to destroy the oil refinery from Romania, Ploiesti. Why did they want to attack Romania? What happened? What was the result of this operation? This day is also called Black Saturday because many pilots died.

14. The Nuclear Bombardments on Japan. Why America did this and how they were able to do? Japan's willingness to fight was so high that they wouldn't capitulate. This was considered a necessary intervention to end the World War. America was so powerful that it had the ability to develop nuclear power. How did they attack? What was the name of the bombs? What happened afterward? They bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki and this led to the end of the war.

15. Cold War. After World War II, a political argument started between the Soviet Union and America. Why it was called the Cold War? How did they fight? What happened? What were the most intense events in this War? Why did America seek alliances and why wanted to offer protection? One of the most defended countries was Israel and a well-known country was Romania, which gained The Clause of The Most-Favored Nation. Why America gave Romania such a title?

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