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Cyrus Alexander and the Rancho Sotoyome (1840)

Legends, Rumors, and Miscellany:

A San Diego Landlord - Captain Henry Delano Fitch (1841)

      Missouri Moore and the First Gold

 The Pinas of Dry Creek (1843)

      The First Store:  Rolling on the River

Col. Roderick N. Matheson: City Builder and Civil War Hero (1856)

      Boll Weevil Whiskey

The Heald Family and the founding of Healdsburg March 5, 1857

     The Old Cemetery

Squatter Captain Alexander Skaggs and His Hot Springs Resort (1857)

     Missouri Porter Remembers March and Heald's Mill

 Clark Foss:  the Most Famous Stagecoach Driver in the World

     Legendre's Legend:  the Frenchman's Murder

 Healdsburg's Festivals and Parades

     Dodgeville?  Dowburg?

 The Healdsburg Plaza

     Theft of the Sotoyome House

City Hall (work in process, June, 2003)

     Jennie Smith's Black Biscuits

 Roads, Ferries and Bridges

     First Sonoma County Fair     

 The Iron Horse comes to Healdsburg

      Early Architecture

The Automobile and Healdsburg

     The Good, the Bad, and the Undeclared

Bikers Become Outlaws:  The Healdsburg Wheelmen

     Great Debates on the Sabbath

The First Flying Machine: the Amazing Flight and Crash of Fred Young

     Flood of 1890

Healdsburg in the Great Depression

 Healdsburg Squatters War

The Chinese In Healdsburg

 Healdsburg Agriculture

 The Albanian Literary and Military Society

 Healdsburg Library

 Healdsburg's Schools  Bootlegging in Healdsburg

 Against the Wind: the Fight for Public Utilities

   About the author: Hannah Clayborn

"The presence of my historical manuscript at this website signifies neither that I agree nor disagree, with any opinions expressed herein.  It does signify that I am impressed with the concern and courage Mr. Joad has shown in creating the site, and that I am gratified that he cares enough about Healdsburg history to request the publication of this labor of love.  Besides, I like his hat and he has an honest face."                Hannah Clayborn

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  - Healdsburg Plaza - 1899 -- image, Healdsburg Museum.


  Healdsburg  1876  --image from Library of Congress,  Drawn by E. S. Glover, published in 1876 by Jordan Bros. San Francisco.

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