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   Healdsburg History HOME

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 The California Trail and Trails West

Flags over Sonoma County and the Healdsburg countryside

 Hannah Clayborn's  History of Healdsburg

Cyrus Alexander and the Rancho Sotoyome 1840

A San Diego Landlord - Captain Henry Delano Fitch (1841)

The Pinas of Dry Creek (1843)

Col. Roderick N. Matheson: City Builder and Civil War Hero (1856)

The Heald Family and the founding of Healdsburg, March 5, 1857

Squatter Captain Alexander Skaggs and His Hot Springs Resort (1857)

Clark Foss:  the Most Famous Stagecoach Driver in the World

The Healdsburg Plaza

City Hall

Healdsburg's Festivals and Parades

Roads, Ferries and Bridges

Bikers Become Outlaws:  The Healdsburg Wheelmen

The Automobile and Healdsburg

The Iron Horse comes to Healdsburg

Healdsburg in the Great Depression

Bootlegging in Healdsburg

The First Flying Machine: the Amazing Flight and Crash of Fred Young

The Albanian Literary and Military Society

The Chinese In Healdsburg

Healdsburg's Schools

Legends, Rumors, and Miscellany

Healdsburg Squatters War

Healdsburg Agriculture

Healdsburg Library

Against the Wind: the Fight for Public Utilities

About the author: Hannah Clayborn

Healdsburg Preservation

The notorious Healdsburg Downtown Bakery and Creamery Bench Bunch


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The Pomo's Sacred Sonoma

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